I have created a number of story maps. I'm currently practicing with Leaflet and open source tools. However, I enjoy testing out the ESRI templates for story maps as well. Above, you can click on the buttons to visit two of my favorite story map creations. (NOTE: The Angels Landing Story Map was created with basemaps from the State of Utah, they were hosted on a public server. The basemaps have since moved and I have not been able to update this map with the new location due to their new security settings, I will hopefully update in the future)

The Neon Museum Map is an example of the ESRI Map Tour application. The photos (or course!) are mine, and I customized the basemap to give it a bit more of a "vintage" feel. You can read more about the methods in the metadata if you are interested --or in my blog: here

My Angels Landing story map is a special project and I was honored when ESRI asked me if it could be displayed in the online ESRI Story Map gallery as a good example of their "Map Journal" template. My map is found a number of ways (and why I usually make a direct link to it). It is in the Parks and Recreation section of the  ESRI online gallery. 

Angels Landing - Click the photo to go to the Map!

Angels Landing - Click the photo to go to the Map!

You can also get to my Angel's Landing Map by clicking on the photo above. Yes, it is my photo! I hate to say that (but people do ask). 

While I'm here -- I might as well add some commentary about the Angels Landing Map. I made this map in May 2015. I had experience with ArcGIS Online and had setup a full ArcServer/AGOL enterprise system and was working as an Administrator of a private site for a Navy project. I was familiar with the organizational accounts but I wasn't as familiar with the free ArcGIS Online experience that anyone can access and sign up for. I wanted to see how easy it would be to create one without paid ESRI software and my Angels Landing Map is a result of that effort.  I admit, I put it together rather quickly -- in one intense weekend. When I look at it now I sometimes see little typos or things I'd like to fix and may do that. The technology changes fast as well -- I think there are better ways to link to info now that don't require much customization of the free templates (Such as buttons vs. links). I had thought about doing a blog to explain how to do this. If this is something you would like help with, let me know! 

I did make almost the entire story map without touching an ArcMap license (or any other paid software). I did use ArcMap once just to transform KML to a shapefile when I was creating the trail map but that's it. The rest is out of the box and free on ArcGIS.com