This is a small sample of my work in Geography and GIS. These samples range from 2001 - 2016. My most recent entry is a story map about Angels Landing at Zion National Park which was included in the ESRI online gallery this year. Next, are a couple of maps from a Groundwater Study, which was also my graduate research in conjunction with the Barrington Area Council of Governments (BACOG) where I worked. While, I don't have many samples from 2008-2014, those were actually my busiest years in GIS. Most of my recent professional work has been DoD related (Air Force or Navy). I felt it best not to showcase work that belongs to the DoD, though many presentations I have contributed to may be found online or in ESRI UC proceedings. Additionally, much of my professional focus in recent years has been heavily systems related as I've gotten more into the "technical weeds" of GIS Server, web maps and enterprise systems. I feel that my heavy technical background is important in GIS, especially if working with a smaller agency or with non-IT professionals. Please let me know if you have any questions, especially about the Groundwater Study. It is possible to replicate this type of project for other communities. Analyzing and understanding groundwater resources is more important than ever given population growth and the historic drought in the Western US.