Clark County Off-Road Vehicle Map

Can't say how much I enjoyed working with the Clark County Desert Conservation Program. I was honored to be person working with them on their GIS story map, an outreach project of sorts for educating the public about Off Road Vehicle Trails in Clark County and Rules of the Road. Clark County is big, with lots of different types of land ownership. Not only is there federal land in addition to county or city land, not all federal land has the same rules of the road. We realized what a big project mapping the entire county would be, and so we started with a pilot project focusing on Boulder City. I would love to see the whole county completed someday, at any rate I learned a whole lot about OHV trails in the Las Vegas area...and some VERY interesting facts about the Boulder City Conservation Easement. There are a lot of mysteries in that desert...

The story map is here (note, though we are finished with the contract some of this map is still in draft mode):

From a technical stand point, the county chose to use the "Map Tour" template for this project. A simple and easy to update story map template hosted by ESRI. It would be cool to see how expanding this to more of a journal type template would work if they continued this approach for the whole county.

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